EdwardName: Edward Chris von Muir
Japanese Name: Gilbart Chris von Muir
Age: 24 in FF4, 25 in Interlude, and 41 in The After Years
Height: 5'8
Weight: 112 lbs
Class: Bard
Special Skills: Bardsong, Hide, and Salve
From the game manual: Prince of the desert kingdom of Damcyan. Disillusioned with life at court in the castle, Edward cast off the mantle of royalty to travel the world disguised as a common bard. Though frail of constitution, he possesses a kind and gentle soul.

Edward is the Prince and heir to the throne of Damcyan, but it's a title he doesn't want. He has a love of music, and travels the world sharing his musical gift with his harp. While on his travels, he meets and falls in love with a girl named Anna, whom he intends to marry, but her father Tellah doesn't consent to their union. His decision to elope with her and return to Damcyan ends up being a tragic one, but one that thrusts Edward into the events of the game, and he joins the party for a short while.

Edward is frail emotionally and physically. I mean seriously, 112 pounds! I'm 5'8 as well, and am considered thin, and I weigh 140 pounds. The boy needs to eat. His physical frailty is probably largely responsible for his weak attack power in-game, and his lack of self confidence. Edward spends a great deal of the game doubting himself and moping, but he is eventually able to find strength within himself. His help becomes invaluable to the party before the end of the game.

Affiliate: Amends Affiliate: Lightbringer Affiliate: Human Grace Affiliate: Nymph