Anna is an important part of Edward, not just an important part of his story. She was not only his lover - I believe she was his motivation for everything he did in the game. Anna made Edward strong. Anna made him brave.

The details are unclear, but from what information we have, I think Anna and Edward met after he ran from his life in Damcyan and became a bard. They fell in love and decided to marry, but Anna's father Tellah wouldn't give his consent for her to marry a bard, so they ran away and eloped. They headed for Damcyan, Edward's home. I guess Anna felt bad for going against her father, so she decided to return home. As she and Edward tried to leave, Baron's Red Wings attacked Damcyan, and when they shot arrows at Edward, Anna, with Edward's parents, shielded him, taking the arrows in his place. She loved him that much. At least that's the reason she gave Tellah, who, in search of his daughter, showed up at that time.

You love him enough to give up your own life...? -Tellah

Most stories would have a man give up his life to protect a woman... While it's sad, I liked the unique spin Edward and Anna's story put on Final Fantasy IV. Anna died for Edward.

In losing Anna, Edward and Tellah both lost someone very important to them. They reacted in completely different ways, though. Tellah set out on a mission of revenge. While Edward chose to help fight against Baron as well, I don't think revenge was his reason for fighting. I think he just wanted to make Anna proud. He initially joined Cecil's party because Rosa was sick, and he sensed that Cecil loved Rosa like he loved Anna. I think Anna is who made Edward keep fighting, though.

Anna's spirit One night after her death, Edward went outside and played Anna's favorite song on his harp. A Sahagin showed up, and because everyone else was in bed, Edward was forced to fight it alone. We all know how frail and weak Edward is, so you can imagine what a challenge this fight must have been for him. Anna's spirit showed up during the fight, and she told Edward to believe in himself, and to be brave. Her confidence in him gave him confidence in himself, and he defeated the Sahagin with little trouble.

Before Anna's spirit left, she said one last thing:

Edward, you must be brave. Golbez cannot be allowed to have the Crystals. You gave your love to me once. Now share it with all the world.

I think that's why Edward ended up fighting. Even severely wounded and sick in bed, he pushed himself to help the party when he sensed they were in trouble. He wanted Anna to be proud of him. I think she definitely would have been.

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