When Cecil and Edward first met, Edward was a sobbering mess. He was emotional because of Anna's death, and was breaking down in front of everyone. Cecil slapped Edward, and told him he needed to be strong. Cecil needed Edward's help. Rydia was a lot of help in getting Edward to calm down, but Edward decided to pull himself together and help the party because of Cecil. Cecil needed Edward to help them get to the Antilion's Den so they could acquire the Sand Pearl to save Rosa. Edward could tell Rosa meant a great deal to Cecil, like Anna did to him, and decided to help the party because of that.

After saving Rosa, Edward was visited by Anna's ghost, who told him to fight, and Edward continued on with Cecil after that. I believe helping Cecil was how Edward thought he could stay in the fight, and he promised Anna he would fight. I think Cecil gained Edward's respect, and during Edward's time with Cecil, I think Cecil made Edward a stronger person.

Many bad things happened to Cecil and the party throughout the game, but Cecil held himself together and continued to fight. He remained focused on his goals, and continually put others' needs before his own. I think that's what made Edward respect Cecil, and I think it made him realize what he was lacking in himself: courage.

Not BatmanLater in the game, Cecil tried to warn the King of Fabul that Gobez was after his kingdom's crystal, but the king doubted Cecil's intentions because he was a dark knight. Edward, who knew the king personally, stepped forward and vouched for him. I think that says a lot about what Edward thought of Cecil. Edward went on to help defend Fabul against Baron's forces with Cecil.

Edward fought with Cecil until they were separated after being attacked by Leviathan, and when they were reunited, even thought he was heavily injured, Edward tried to rejoin Cecil to continue fighting. After being refused by the rest of the party, he did what he could to help Cecil from his hospice, although it took all of his strength to help.

After Edward recovered from his injuries, he joined the Epopts of Troia in helping Cecil and the others defeat the Giant of Babil. As they were flying in, Edward yelled out to Cecil that he was going to show him the courage Cecil taught him. It's easy to see the impact Cecil had on Edward.

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