When writing some of the other pages on this site, I couldn't help but think about how much of Edward's story is similar to Sabin Figaro's from Final Fantasy VI. I made this page to discuss those similarities, and I'll eventually compare him to other similar characters I come across. This page has unmarked spoilers for Final Fantasy VI.

Sabin Sabin Figaro - Sabin and Edward are complete opposites physically and emotionally. Sabin is buff, Edward is frail. Edward is highly emotional and open with his feelings, and Sabin tends to hide his behind his tough exterior. Edward is creative and smart, and Sabin is for lack of a better word, ditzy. When you look at them closely, though, they are more alike than you'd think.

To start, they are both princes. That's somewhat trivial, though, and a poor excuse to call two characters similar. It's how they feel about their titles that makes this comparison interesting. Sabin nor Edward want to be Prince, and they both run away from their duties. Sabin is fed up with the Empire, and Edward just has no interest in the politics associated with his title. They both find other passions - Sabin has his martial arts, and Edward has his music. When their Kingdoms are in trouble though, and war forces them in battle, they both rise to their responsibilities and do what is necessary for their Kingdoms. After their respective wars, it's assumed Sabin sticks around to help his brother Edgar with Figaro, and Edward ends up governing Damcyan.

One more large thing ties them together. They both fight for deceased loved ones. They both lost their parents in war, and though Edward never states wanting to make his parents proud like Sabin did, Edward took their place in Damcyan. Most importantly, they met someone after running away from their positions who meant a great deal to them, and ended up parishing, at least to their knowledge. Edward lost his girlfriend Anna, who inspired him to be strong, and to share his music and love with the world. Sabin lost his mentor Vargas, who was like a father to him (Vargas is later to be found alive, but that's irrelevant for this point). Those deaths motivated Edward and Sabin.

I don't think the powers that be Square intentionally made Edward and Sabin similar, and I don't think Sabin was based off of Edward in any way. That's what makes their similarities interesting to me.

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