Edward is the Prince of Damcyan, a kingdom in the desert. Damcyan is attacked by Baron's forces for its Fire Crystal, and left in ruins. Edward, as the only surviving members of his family, becomes King. Although Edward preferred his music and life as a bard to his duties as prince, he owns up to his responsibility as king and fights for and rebuilds Damcyan.

Damcyan Unfortunately, we don't get to see much of Edward's life or Damcyan before it is attacked, so it's hard to say why exactly Edward didn't like his life there. I only guess that he persued his love of music. It's clear that Edward cared for Damcyan, as he was there when the kindom needed him, but I think there's a more telling fact. He took Anna there. Whether that was because he and Anna didn't have a place with Tellah or not, it's hard to say, but the fact remains that Edward took the girl he loved home, a place he felt safe. Maybe he wanted to share his kingdom with his love. I'd even go as far to guess that had Damcyan not been attacked and his parents killed, Edward would have taken his place as King when the time would come. He obviously wasn't ready to be King when we first met him, but it was Anna's spirit that motivated him to be strong, and to do what was right for Damcyan. I think Anna would have motivated him to do that alive, too.

At the end of the game, Edward is seen at the throne of Damcyan. Kids come up to him and beg him to tell them the story of Cecil. Edward says he'll tell them if they help with Damcyan's reconstruction. Obviously Damcyan didn't have child labor laws. In all seriousness, though, what he told them shows what took priority with Edward, and that was his kingdom.

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