Music plays a huge part in Final Fantasy games. It not only sets moods for scenes, but it helps players get a feel of certain characters. A character's theme can actually tell you a lot about him or her; you can get a sense of his or her personality, back story, or emotions.

Edward's theme is called Melody of Lute (Listen to the midi?), and is played by him in the game when he is visited by Anna's ghost. Naturally, it's played on the harp, and a series of sounds - what I'm going to refer to as a verse - are repeated over and over with only slight changes to the verse's melody each time. There are two distinct halves to the song. The first half's melody is simpler, softer, and sad. The second half has a harder, more intricate melody, and continually edges towards a distinct feeling of resolution at the end before it goes back to repeating the first half.

I think Edward's theme most definitely fits him. I think it tells the story of his confidence. It starts slow and soft, as Edward lacked confidence in himself and rested in gloom. The melody picks up speed and volume as he realizes that he has to be strong, and he makes the decision to fight for Anna.

I think Edward's theme represented sadness when it first appeared. I think its second appeance interestingly enough represented strength and hope. It played during the player's battle with the Dark Troll when the main party were getting their butts handed to them, and Edward saved the day. It truly was his kick-ass moment, and his theme was all too appropriate for that part of the game, as it finished the story of Edward's confidence in himself.

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