Rydia Edward and Rydia don't interact very much, so they don't have much of a relationship. What little they have impacted each other is worth noting, however.

Rydia was with Cecil and Tellah when Edward is first introduced. Damcyan was just attacked, and Edward lost his parents and girlfriend. Edward was a hot mess. Rydia yelled at him, and told him to quit crying. She said she just lost her mom and home, too, but they have to be brave. They needed Edward's help, and he needed to be brave for them.

Coward. You're a man, aren't you? A grown man! Stop crying. I have.

A little later, Edward returned the favor to Rydia, although in a much nicer way. The party needed Rydia to cast fire to melt a wall of ice blocking their path. Rydia was naturally scared of fire, as fire killed her mother and her home. While Rosa is coaxing Rydia, Edward speaks up. He tells Rydia that she once told him to be brave. Now they need her to be.

I think a lot of people were instrumental in helping Edward gain self-confidence and courage, and Rydia was definitely one of them. It's nice that he was able to help her as well.

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