Most of the characters from Final Fantasy IV have faults they have to overcome. These inner struggles thicken these characters, and make them interesting. Cecil battles with his darkness. Kain battles with his weak will. Tellah battles with his hatred and need for revenge. Edward battles with his lack of self-confidence.

When he is first introduced, Edward is super weak. Not only is he physically frail, but he's emotional. Granted, his girlfriend and parents were murdered just before we meet Edward, but an eight-year-old girl who just lost her mother, her village, and everything she has ever known has to tell Edward to stop crying.

You're right. I'm nothing but a coward, just as you say. That's why I'm just going to stay at Anna's side. It doesn't matter anymore...Nothing does!

Cecil slaps Edward and tells him to get himself together and to help them. Cecil says that Anna wouldn't want to see Edward that way, and Cecil was right. We then see Edward cowering when he is attacked by a Sahagin at night, and Anna's ghost has to come instill some confidence in him to beat the dang thing. To put it lightly, Edward was a mess.

Anna tells Edward that she can't stay long, and Edward begs her to stay. Edward loved her for sure, but I also think that Edward felt he needed Anna. I think Anna knew that, too, which is why I think her spirit appeared to him when he was in trouble. Anna told Edward that she wanted him to be brave, and she wanted him to fight. She wanted him to care for his people as he did for her. Edward promises her he'll fight for Damcyan. I think that was his motivation for continuing on with Cecil, although I think a lot of things played part. He needed to gain Tellah's forgiveness. He also wanted to help Cecil and Rydia, who helped him.

I think one of the biggest indications of Edward's growth in confidence and strength of character is when Rydia was afraid to cast fire, and Edward supported her the way she supported him when he needed her. They needed Rydia to cast fire to melt a wall of ice that was preventing the party from moving on, and Edward told Rydia they all needed to be brave.

While taking a ship to Baron, the party is attacked by Leviathan, and Edward, along with Cecil, Yang and Rydia, are blown off the ship. The party becomes separated, and Edward ends up near the nation of Troia, where he is found severely wounded, and is taken to a hospital. Cecil and his party eventually meet up with Edward while he is recovering in Troia, and Edward is determined to rejoin Cecil and continue fighting. I think he desperately wanted to keep his promise to Anna, and to be brave and strong. Cecil, along with Tellah and others, won't let Edward join them, as his wounds are too severe, but he finds a way to help them, by giving Cecil a Whisperweed. Cecil has no idea how Edward would be able to help them in his state, but he takes the Whisperweed and goes on to fight.

To recover a crystal, Cecil had to fight a fiend called the Dark Elf, who was using his mind to put up a force field that prevented Cecil and his party from using metalic amor and weapons. Cecil and the others were getting their butts handed to them by the Dark Elf because well, the non-metalic weapons and armor sucked.

I'm not sure how - maybe it was Edward's spiritual connection that allowed him to see Anna, or maybe it was the Whisperweed, but Edward sensed that Cecil and the others were in danger, and struggled out of bed to help them. His nurse and doctor tried to get him to lay back down and be still, but Edward pushed his way to his harp, and played a tune that distracted the Dark Elf and lowered the force field. This allowed Cecil and the others to use their metalic equipment and defeat the Dark Elf.

Now, I think that's definitely strength and confidence. But where did it come from, and what made Edward stronger? Anna? Tellah? Cecil? I think it was all of the above. Edward was still too injured to rejoin Cecil after the fight, but they all knew that Edward was the reason they defeated the Dark Elf. They thanked him one last time before they departed again.

It's not until the battle with the Giant of Babil that we see Edward again. He recovered from his injuries, and commandeered an airship with the Epopts of Troia. He once again entered the fight, because that's what he told Anna he'd do. He yells out to Cecil:

Cecil! I'll show you the courage that you taught me!

What a long way Edward came.

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