Tellah is responsible for Edward's fame in the RPG universe. He called Edward a Spoony Bard, something Edward will forever be known by. Of course I want to pay tribute to that line of dialogue here, but I also want to take a look at Edward's relationship with Tellah. It was brief, but pivotal in the game.

TellahBefore Edward and Anna eloped, they tried to get Tellah's blessing. Tellah didn't like Edward, probably because he didn't want his daughter marrying a bard. You see, at that time, Tellah didn't know Edward was Prince of Damcyan. He didn't learn that until just before Anna died. He chased Anna down, thinking Edward deceived her into marrying him. After arriving in Damcyan and seeing that Anna was hurt, he blamed Edward, and started to attack him. This is where the Spoony Bard quote comes in.

Tellah: You! You're that bard! Anna ran away because of your treachery!
Tellah: You spoony bard!
Edward: No, wait!
Tellah: Die!
Edward: P-Please! Listen!
Tellah: Shut up!
Edward: Forgive me, please!
Tellah: Take this!
Edward: Agh!
Anna: Edward! Father! Stop!

Anna and Edward explained what happened, and then Anna died. Tellah shifted the focus of his hatred from Edward to Golbez, but at that time he never apologized to Edward, or even acknowledged him after Anna's death. We already know Edward is an extremely sensitive guy. I mean, come on. He cries. A lot. It's easy to see that Tellah's disapproval of him affected him. Nevermind that Tellah's daughter died to save Edward. Edward of course felt extremely responsible for Anna's death, and that comes out later, when the party visits Edward while he's hurt and sick.

Tellah... I cannot begin to ask for your forgiveness. Anna died because of me...

Edward tried to push himself to assist the party, telling Cecil he wished to join them, even though he knew how sick and frail he was. Tellah's the one who told him he couldn't fight in his condition, although Tellah also told him he'd just be a burden.

I wonder if Edward felt obligated to fight in his condition because Tellah was there, and because Tellah's daughter gave her life for him. I don't think that was the only reason he felt he had to push himself, but I'm sure it played part. Edward gave into reason and decided to stay in bed while the party went to fight the Dark Elf. He gave Cecil a whisperweed, something that would echo whatever he played on his harp, though I don't think he knew how much assistance he'd be. Edward ended up being instrumental (haha) in defeating the Dark Elf, and saved everyone in the party, including Tellah. The party visits Edward one more time at his bed before moving on. There, Tellah speaks to Edward with compassion, and sets his mind at ease.

Tellah tells Edward that Anna was happy to be loved by a man like Edward. I think Tellah realized at that moment how much Edward really loved Anna. Edward asked Tellah to avenge Anna for the both of them. That's the only real moment they both had.

Unfortunately, Tellah is killed trying to avenge Anna. Edward continues to honor both Tellah and Anna in memory.

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