I started making Requiem in early May of 2012, when I rebought Final Fantasy IV Collection for PSP on my Vita. I had been wanting to make a Final Fantasy IV tribute for a while, so I decided to write about the game as I played it again. While I knew I wanted to do something to Final Fantasy IV, it took me a while to decide which character I wanted to shrine. I like so many from the game. Rydia, Edge, Palom & Porom... I decided to give much needed love to Edward when Amassment's Minor Character Marathon came around. I knew it would inspire me to actually finish this site. I tend to lose focus on things when I don't have deadlines. I like and appreciate Edward, and I made this tribute to express why. Edward is pretty universally hated, but he's actually a pretty awesome and memorable character. I finished and uploaded this site on July 5th, 2012.

Requiem is the name of one of Edward's bardsongs. A requiem is actually a song for the dead. Edward is motivated by those who die around him, and he spends so much time focusing on Anna even after she's gone. Requiem seemed appropriate, even if it is grim.

This is the second version of Requiem and features images of Edward from The After Years and Final Fantasy Artniks, a card game released in Japan. I like these images of Edward because he appears strong. I wanted to focus on the strength he gained. The flowers in the layout represent his heart. Although Edward grows more confident and is able to prove his strength, he never loses himself, and remains that caring, sensitive individual we were first introduced to. The layout was made in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and was hand-coded by me in Notepad. Textures used in the layout are from Crazy Kira.

No chocobos were hurt in the making of this site.

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